144: Mom Jeans

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So the website is actually WearGustin and one of the few things we miss about the US. I lived in those jeans for my whole postpartum period with Walter. I bought a second pair of heavy weight jeans that have softened like flannel. They soaked up all the spit and puke and milk without being uncomfortable and because indigo is a natural anti-bacterial, didn't need to be washed, just spot cleaned. I have wear marks from kneeling, from where my son used to sleep on top of me, from the side I carried my sporran. I haven't worn them as much this time around, because due to not having a car I lost weight a lot faster I am down to pre-any pregnancy weight, so they're a bit big even with a belt. My husband has bought a bunch of shirts from there and along with having heavy winter flannel-like jeans, got these jeans infused with silk that were wicked light and comfortable in the summer, perfect for a casual work environment. As clothing goes, they feel pretty spendy, but for high end jeans and especially ones you can wear 7 days a week, it's a deal.