140: Body Shape

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Festlavn is fast approaching, February 11th. It's like Danish Halloween, a holiday related to lent that involves children dressing up and asking adults for treats. The shops are all full of costumes, ones I much more associate with Halloween than the very spooky assortment that were out this autumn. There's also barrels and sticks for sale that in olden times I understand were used to house a very unhappy cat and now thankfully are filled with candy and then banged on like piñatas. Also, much to my excitement, the bakeries are full of brioche like buns, some frosted and others filled with different kinds of creams. I love a holiday with good food! I'd like Walter, Beatrix and I to dress up as the characters from Bamse (a dog-like bear, a chicken and a duck), but I don't have time to make costumes, so we'll probably all be either construction workers or dinosaurs, because those are costumes that we already have. The nursery schools all hold events, but I'm hoping to go house to house and ask for treats, because how could we miss out on a fun chance to that twice in one year?