139: Latin Values

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This was one of the cooler things I discovered post baby. An entire category of people who I was always butting heads with suddenly went from annoying macho jerks who I had to compete with because they just couldn't admit from the getgo that I was the dominate one (yes, I realize I have my own machismo problem), to these delightful, respectful people who treated me as a equal. I guess if you've had kids you've earned your badge of honor? Don't know, and I should clarify that I'm using the term "Latino" very vaguely. I've had Caribbean friends and a great kendo senpai for Uruguay, but a lot of people I meet from south of the boarder in the Spanish speaking world I don't mesh with. Also interesting, since I moved to Denmark, for the first time since I got pregnant, I've had male friends again. Something about men doing an equal share of the child rearing here or maybe that moms aren't put in the same box as in the US or just that it's socially acceptable nay expected for guys to fawn over babies too...I don't know, but it's really nice to have as many male friends as female again.