138: Oh Baby!

Going to be trying for a Tuesday, Thursday and Friday post this week. Monday was the closing on our new house!!!

I'm really excited about my son's new nursery school that he starts in February. We visited the six on the West side of town, our side, and a couple on the East side. We ended up choosing an East side school. There was only one exclusively ages 3-6 school on our side of town and they were full and my son wasn't impressed by it. The East side had two such institutions and it's one of those we chose. I like 3-6 only (as opposed to 1-6), because they have bigger facilities since they aren't splitting it between two disparate groups. The one both my son and I liked best has the best ratio of adults to kids (5-1) compared to others that were as bad as 10-1. I went to one that actually didn't have any teachers that day, just a minimum wage helper....They specialize in taking in the neurologically atypical kids and others who need more attention, which makes me feel they'll be more prepared to handle a kid who's difficult, but doesn't have diagnosable issues. His current place still can't figure out what to do about his tendency to decide he doesn't want to wear clothes (like mother like son). They also have a strong emphasis on the arts, practice child yoga, have an art hut where they can paint during outdoor time, a barbecue pit, a maze in the yard, giant play structures that look like ships and other pretend tools. When we visited my son wore his hot pink "Kai the fire ninja dress" and they said they'd had plenty of kids wear non-gendernormative clothes. When we went inside, there was a child there, not napping, but just having some quiet low stimulation time, which my son joined.  They take field trips to the woods and name their classrooms after fantasy creatures. I think he's going to be so happy there!