105: Still Spry

I know that South Park is over 20 years old, but it's a cartoon I didn't start watching until three years ago. The art is ugly, a lot of the humor is very crude and I rarely like episodic shows. However, three seasons ago they went for overreaching plots to puncture the point du jour and while I can't comment on stuff I haven't seen, it just seemed a lot more poignant. Last year's commentary on the election was particularly great, though I admit now that I live in Denmark I realize the Danish bad guy's accent was all wrong...We bought a Season's Pass on iTunes (there is a service here that has it, but we'd have to wait till the current season finished before it'd be available in Denmark) and I am again impressed by how timely it is. This week's episode featured a character freaking out about North Korea's nukes and the president just making everything worse. It had a plot thread of distracted drivers with phones running through it and tied the whole thing together in the funniest and yet timeliest way. The art is still ugly. Sometimes the humor is still too crude for me, but over all it is the most wonderful political commentary that I've seen. It's not right wing or left wing and if you're frustrated with the government and society in the US right now, I really recommend watching it. Laughter truly is great medicine.