88: Drinking for Two

I thought about how weirdly pervasive gender is yesterday. I was playing in the yard with my son and he wanted to pretend to be characters from Team Umizoomi. Team Umizoomi consists of a robot (Bot), a tiny male humanoid (Geo) and a tiny female humanoid (Milly). He chose to be Milly. This isn't that surprising. Bot's powers are showing things on his belly belly belly screen and Geo can make shapes, but Milly has the power to turn her pigtails into measuring tape and to reproduce patterns on her dresses. Milly is way more fun, especially since Walter is already into measuring stuff. When I was a kid, if we pretended to be a male character, my parents would immediate rename the character with a feminine version like Geo would be Georgina or something. What does it matter? It's pretend? Why can't you switch gender in pretend? Needless to say, my response to him saying "I'm Milly!" was that I said I was Geo.