87: Subconscious Revenge

Book 001 - 89 Subconscious Revenge.png

I finally have time to start working on the print edition of book 5, the last book, of Seeking Shelter. It's been long enough that everything seems fresh and new to me. I realize they say that autobiographies are like masturbation for creators, but I admit it is really enjoyable to go back and experience my work again. However I must say you can tell that my copy editor quit (he just got wicked busy with work) around the strip 700. Yeesh, I've got grammatical errors and typos in like a quarter of the strips I've checked so far! Thanks for tolerating them, though, seriously, if you see a spelling or punctuation error, please never hesitate to tell me! I'd hate to be remembered as the web cartoonist whose cat kept saying "plau" instead of "play"!