84: Bragging Rights

People in Denmark complain about the weather a lot. Everyone seems obsessed with telling me that this summer isn't hot enough or that it's too rainy. Since my largest basis of comparison is a small island in Maine and I have many a childhood memory of wearing sweats in July and huddling around a fireplace as it misted and rained outside, summer seems to be exactly what I'd expect here. Though on Sunday we got our first real Weather. The rain came down in buckets and then we got hail. All the drains in the house started bubbling like the opening scene of a horror movie and the whole back patio flooded. It lasted less than an hour and in true small child fashion, my son's reaction was to put on his galoshes and go splash in his new wading pool. I opted to go barefoot, having no rubber boots, which I immediately regretted, since, oh yeah, this was literal ice water. I kept getting out and my son would call me back in again to splash with him. We played in it till the drain caught up and everything was siphoned through the grate. It was pretty impressive.