72: Living Dangerously

I am dreaming of a bicycle, well really a tricycle. This one, the Winther Kangaroo. It's supposed to be the sweetest cargo bike money can buy and has a pretty robust used market, so that's what I'm currently hunting. It's been quite a challenge figuring out how I would transport it from the purchasing location, probably Copenhagen, to Slagelse and what accessories I need for a newborn. I think I've got it all worked out now and am just waiting for the right bike to come up. I have never liked driving. To be honest, it has always scared me and while a necessity I've become accustomed to, it's still something that literally gave me nightmares for years after I got my license and has never brought me joy. I love biking though. My 7 months biking to work in Jersey I still remember fondly, even with the dangerous lack of cycling infrastructure. I'm so looking forward to the world opening up to me, all these places that are a pain to get to by bus will suddenly be an easy ride on my Kangaroo. Not only that, but there are all these bike only paths through lovely winding bits of nature that one can't take a car on and are hours too long on foot. The cargo bike can hold groceries, kids, anything I could ask for and get me anywhere my legs can peddle me. I consider it a major life upgrade!