78: Fat

The definite lowest point in my pregnancy. Like the doctor who lost my records, this ends up being a bit truncated, because I just don't want to dwell on it. I didn't decide to switch right away, I first spent a week trying to get a hold of this doctor on the phone with a good explanation of why 19 pounds in 23 weeks was such a big deal. For the record, I gained 40 total, the baby turned out to be big, I had no complications and I lost all the weight just fine. In fact, I'd argue I needed it to weather all those months of dancing him for hours upon hours and the epic nursing. Having another happy chubby baby to compare him to now, I can confirm that my son nursed a truly impressive amount. Anyway, I never got an explanation from the doctor. I asked about things like how your body carries more blood when you're pregnant and because I'm very muscular could that throw off the numbers? I pointed out that on my current trajectory I was only going to b 5 lbs over the recommended 35. I never got a scientific answer, just this robotic repetition of "You gained 19 pounds in 23 weeks. You need to cut carbs, eat only lean meats and practice portion control. I can recommend a dietician." It was insulting. When I asked things like why is wholegrain rice and pasta bad, I got just got the robot response again. While I don't recommend switching practices 3 times when you're pregnant like I did, I would still insist don't stay with a doctor who doesn't listen to you and respect you.