77: Through the Cracks

OK, so they didn't actually tell me my pregnancy didn't need to be monitored that closely, but if you're supposed to have appointments every 4 weeks, loosing someone's and then telling the person she can't get in for another 2 weeks is pretty outrageous. I mean, do you need to be seen every 4 weeks or not? As I remember, part of the lost appointment stemmed from me insisting on not having the cold doctor who couldn't find my test results and was totally cold about the whole thing. It didn't make it into the comic, but when I'd said I planned to give birth naturally, she had given me this skeptical look and said we'd see how it actually happened. I realize many women say they don't want the giant spine needle and cave in the moment, but I'd like it if the healthcare industry could at least give everyone the benefit of the doubt instead of being patronizing about it. There's a part of me that still wants to go call her up and say "Ha! I was right and you were wrong, TWICE! Don't tell a martial artist she can't hack the pain!"