59 & 60

I had to run these two together, because the one before was just too dark.

It's amazing my son's transformation from not wanting to touch the baby, to referring to her as "a Beatrix" to yesterday he wanted to hold her and then announced that Beatrix was thirsty, yanked down the front of his shirt and offered her his nipple. If that isn't a sign of big brotherly love I don't know what is! It's also probably something I can embarrasses himself about at age 15! In other news we've been moved into the new place a week and I'm starting to get things under control. I'm being reacquainted with beloved possessions and we even got a shiny new toaster, which is particularly exciting here, because there are these sugar waffles that are great toasted with creme fresh and we have melting chocolate to go on hot bread. There are so many good ways to have toast here!