57: Real Surprises

I'm writing this on Monday. Thursday we move into our long term rental. I can't begin to tell you how excited I am. By the time this posts, we will have a place with two bathrooms. We will have place with bathrooms big enough that I can put a baby seat in them and thus can do my business without holding my daughter. On Thursday I will have several baby seats, a crib and a pack n' play so I can put the baby down without worrying her brother might accidentally hurt her. On Thursday, we will all have our big comfy memory foam beds. On Thursday we'll have our leather couch on which spills clean up easily without staining. We will then be able to go back to potty training the boy. On Thursday we'll have our training potties. I look forward to on Friday being able to step out into our lush back yard without having to carry keys, put on shoes, go down a flight of stairs, worry about cars, worry about pick pockets or broken glass in the street. I'm excited to have all of my son's toys back, his high chair, my rocking chair, all my clothes that aren't maternity wear, light fixtures centered in the middle of rooms, my pots and pans, my ingredient storage containers, books that aren't on a digital device, a door on my son's door that locks so we can stop putting him to bed in a car seat, and space, space space! As an added bonus, my parents also come for long visit on Thursday!