66: Obstructionist

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I'm really excited for my son to start børnehave next month, literally "children's garden", the Danish equivalent of preschool. For the equivalent of the $200 a month, he can go for as many hours as he wants or the parent needs. I have my choice of five institutions within a 25 minute walk of the house and the quality is outstanding. It's the sort of thing I could never afford in the United States. The one I chose is a two story house with a fenced yard converted into a small humans' paradise complete with hidey holes for when the children aren't feeling social, choice of indoor and outdoor activities and a decent ratio of adults to children to make sure everyone gets the attention they need. They do quarterly projects based on interests that they present to the parents and are given plenty of free time. I'm encouraged to spend the first week at the school with him while he adjusts. I was told we can stop by to play anytime we want before he starts and I was impressed that when we went to check it out, I was mobbed by small children with no concerned adults rushing to see if I was a threat. It seems a much more trusting worldview