48: Hair

Does it ever strike you as odd how in the U.S. it's acceptable not to like kids. It's just a part of the cultural landscape, some people like kids, more people like babies, and some people don't like either.  It wouldn't be considered a character flaw or even unusual, it's just like some people are into sports and some people aren't. It's fascinating to be in a country where not liking kids would be like saying you don't love puppies and kittens, just unheard of. Everyone has a smile and often a lollipop for my son here in Denmark. He wandered into someone's yard and was poking at their garden hose, when the owner biked up and I went to explain, she just smiled, indicated he should go back to what he was doing and said "kids!". I went to look at a different apartment that same day and the landlord told us we could hang out in the yard for as long as my son wanted to explore. As a parent, I can't tell you how relaxing it is not to constantly be worrying that my child is annoying people or that his natural curiosity and exploratory nature are going to get us both in trouble. In general people seem to be much more trusting and assume you are good until proven otherwise. I've been asked to hold complete stranger's babies or watch their toddlers for a minute under the assumption that I'm a young parent too, so I'm theoretically trustworthy. Back in Massachusetts I used to get in trouble with other parents all the time for touching their kids and picking them up.