54: Ultra Bladder Issues

Life in Denmark has been tough for the last month, mainly because you need a permanent address to really be in the system and finding decent housing is hard! On top of that, we can't get our all important yellow cards issued until the date that our lease starts: June 1st. That said, we have found a really lovely place to rent and June is almost here. But while everything else seems unnecessarily hard from complications with our stuff arriving to unexpected headaches with the house we're selling back in the 'states, everything with our new daughter has been shockingly easy. The birth itself was better than I ever could have imagined, the recovery has been so fast as to be almost magical and six days after coming into this world, little Beatrix actually let her mom get something approximating a night's sleep! The recovery is actually pretty funny. I went on an outing with the local Jewish women's group to a nursing home and was branded "meshuganah", because I'd walked the 45 minutes there with my son in a stroller and my daughter strapped to my chest, nursing as we went. The coordinater, who mind you has 9 kids of her own, the youngest the same age as my Walter, freaked out that I was slinging around my 30 pound toddler and walking around energetically. Seriously, I picked him up throughout the entire pregnancy, I'm not going to let him feel neglected by leaving him earthbound now! I can't tell you how fortunate I feel to have my health!