46: Painter Vs. Nicotine

Settling into life in Denmark, or at least a routine. My husband started work Monday and it's nice to start establishing a routine. I don't know if I mentioned we're staying in a very Muslim area right now. I've never seen so many hibjabs or different styles. The more I see, the more I'm perplexed by all the international complaints I've heard about them. I mean, fine they aren't traditional European garb, but there's plenty of fashion choices that aren't and don't get a lot of flack like kimono or qipao or there was this big trend in the US to wear Navajo patterned cloth. Yes, it has a religious aspect, but couldn't you argue that for a lot of devote people any covering has a religious aspect, since it's all about what your definition of modesty is? Certainly there seems to be a wide range of styles and ways to express yourself with these head coverings and considering how many times my ears have been cold over the last week, a nice head scarf seems like a logical weather choice.