51: The Magic of Chiropractry

I am seriously loving the dairy in Denmark. The milk all advertises that it was taken from the cow less than 24 hours ago. They have this buttermilk drink called Kaldskål that you're supposed to eat with a sort of short bread cookie mixed in, which is lovely and tangy. Gouda is like the Cheddar of Denmark, though the Cheddar and pretty much all the cheese I've tried so far has been really good. Creme Fraîche is prevalent and delicious on sweet grocery store Dutch Waffles. Cereal doesn't seem to be much of a thing here, but there's Keffir and lots of yogurt and even the butter is tastier. Pastry shops sell a myriad of cakes that have marzipan instead of fondant and are probably 80% cream filling. It's a funny contrast to my two years in China, where I ate virtually no dairy the whole time.