49: Shrinkage

So I got my new scanner and rice cooker today. We opened the rice cooker first and I admit it made me cry. It was twice the price of the one I just adored back in the 'states and turned out to be half the size. I had an irrational emotional attachment to that rice cooker and I just wanted one thing to be easy and familiar and stable and the rice cooker wasn't it. Admittedly, it will be easier to move from temp housing to our long term rental, we never used even half of the capacity of our old rice maker and it's the same brand, Zojirushi, but a newer model, but still. Thankfully the scanner turned out to be the rock I was looking for. We bought the last scanner five years ago (wow, I didn't realize I'd been comicking that long!) and tech changes a lot in that time period. This was the same brand, Epson, as the last one, but with significant improvements. It's smaller, but has a bigger scan bed, it's twice as fast, maybe even three times as fast, it's less fussy and the paper tray is better designed. I still need to find an art supply store, but it's a real pleasure to have all the major components of my cartooning process back in service.