45: The Painter

We've only been in Denmark a week. There's a lot to appreciate and a lot to adjust to, but I really enjoy feeling like I don't have to keep up with the news so much. After the election, I went from listening to Decode DC and PantSuit Politics a couple times a week and reading The Week. To following Politico as many times a day as it updated. I was a news addict and I was constantly scared, but I felt like I had to be following what was happening in my country with eyes wide open. At first I remember having a lot of friends who were equally hysterical and as time went on they mellowed, because they all stopped following the news. I moved. Now, I've contributed to Pantsuit Politics' Patreon and use it as my weekly news update. I feel like until an election is coming up that's about as informed as I need to be and it's lovely.