35: Bad Doctor

So I'd like to take a moment to say that while I extremely pro-choice, I don't think pro-choice and pro-life are necessarily opposing arguments. You can be pro-life, do everything in your power to stop unwanted pregnancies, make it easier for women to afford to keep the pregnancy, get the baby adopted or be a surprise parent and still think that legally the right to choose should stay on the books. Also, while I personally believe in incarnation, think the soul is not imparted until the baby is named and don't think the life is a baby until actually born, I know that not everyone holds these beliefs and I respect that. Also, I know that my decision that I would not want to carry to term a fetus who would have major cognitive or neurological issues is not one that everyone else shares. Most importantly if a woman knows and chooses to carry to term a child who will have cognitive or neurological issues, I strongly believe that that child is deserving of every opportunity in life and most importantly of respect and dignity. There's a school in the area for people with serious mental retardation (I'm sorry I realize that term is offensive to some and I don't mean it in a school yard slur kind of way, just a statement of adults with children's minds) and they often take the people to shop at the same grocery store I use. Since I'm rarely in a hurry, my son and I will shoot the breeze with them, talk about cartoons and toys and such. I have some adorable pictures of a bunch of them taking turns hold my son when he was about 8 months. They chaperones always seems surprised, but seriously they are people, just like anyone else, just because I wouldn't choose to take on the extra challenges of raising such a child, doesn't mean that I'm going to treat someone or their progeny badly because of their different choice. 

Also as a side note that while this doctor did not literally call me a bad person, only implied it, I am happy to know she no longer works with that practice.