36: Advice

So, yeah, that moving to Denmark thing. My husband got a new job and we are flying out to Denmark at the end of April, pretty much the last possible day before I'm supposed to be grounded until Mystery Sibling is born. I realize this sounds crazy, but we've been working on it since November and decided it'd be easier to go over before the baby's born rather than after. I always like to say that being in your 30's is like standing proudly on top of a mountain and realizing there is a whole range of different peaks in front of you. The climb has only just begun...I had rather thought the finding a life mate, having kids, getting the house, the ducks, the perfect piece of land, developing a friend network etc. was my Everest and had not realized that I'd be climbing even higher peaks! I've jokingly told my parents that it's lucky I'm not planning on having a third kid, because I don't know how I could top this for stressful dramatic stuff to be pulling off while pregnant. This whole process has involved things like driving 4 hours in the rain to the edge of the New York City commuter rail, to ride the train an hour into the city, walk 40 minutes (of course we hit every light), sit around for three hours, scramble to give them everything they needed for the work/living permits and then turn around and do it in reverse all in one day. Right now I'm in the middle of getting the house ready to be shown, since we're selling it and Craigslisting all the other stuff we can't take with us. I think I'm excited, but right now I'm too busy to focus on anything more than the next step in front of me. We have to buy a scanner as soon as we get to Denmark, so depending on how much buffer I build in the interim (right now I'm at zero), there might be some interruptions in the comic. Sorry!