39: The House Quest

I didn't make this a whole arc, because I couldn't think of anything to do that Something Positive hadn't already done and probably better. It's surreal creating this strip as we're in the process of selling our home. I think the market now is a lot like it was then, anything good got snapped up so fast anything left was just a mess. Happily we put a whole lot of love and work into our house and it's in much better shape than we bought it. There is something ironic about a 10K porch replacement, 3K worth of electrical updates and don't get me started on how many coats of paint it took to cover the nicotine, counts as a house being in great shape, but really, it was absolutely the best house in our price range and even 50K above that price range...In the three years we were here I really did become quite fond of it.