38: Retroverted Uterus

So here's the questions I keep being asked about Denmark:

1. Denmark, they speak Dutch there, right? Actually they speak Danish...

2. So your baby will be born in Denmark?! Does that mean s/he will have duel citizenship? No, that's an immigrant nation thing, most countries don't do that. The kid will be American and if we're there long enough and the child is so inclined s/he could apply for citizenship when s/he is 18.

3. Denmark? Why not Canada? Canada feels too culturally similar to the United States. If we're going to do a big move, we want to go somewhere with more exotic travel opportunities, no English former colony baggage, somewhere that you can get around without a car and that feels like a really good cultural fit.

4. Aren't you nervous having the baby with a strange doctor in a strange land? Eh, I figure the last pregnancy was easy, this one has been uneventful, I'm not looking for a fairy tale delivery story, as long as the doctor is competent that's good enough for me.

5. You're moving to Europe I heard....Yes, Denmark is part of the EU and the European continent, that said it's much more accurate to refer it as part of Scandinavia as it, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland all have enough cultural differences from the lower regions of the continent that people's generalizations are often not true. For example, the average house in Denmark is no smaller than the one I own now and newer apartments definitely come with kitchens already installed. Denmark and Italy are about as different as Texas and New Hampshire.