32 & 33:

Sorry these strips aren't particularly funny. They end up being a major plot point for the story, but don't make great stand alone comics. I tried to double them up to make it a bit better. 


I have learned so much on how to handle the health care system since then. I'm incredibly proactive about the whole insurance thing. The one part I still can't cope with is their disrespect for your time. This isn't always the case. My OB and general practitioner, who I both love, can be a bit pokey, but I always know it's because they are being slammed and taking the time to give everyone the attention they need. However, sometimes it just seems rude. My husband reminded me about 5 years ago when I had a breast lump removed (benign, don't worry, runs in the family), that I had a follow up wth the specialist where we were waiting an hour and realized there were still like ten people ahead of us. We ended up walking out. More recently I had an ultrasound where they were over an hour behind schedule, which was downright painful considering they want your bladder full and then when it was over we were still waiting around for the doctor to read it. I've given up on being places 15 minutes early, because everyone inevitably runs 15 minutes late and waiting rooms with a toddler are truly torturous! I understand medical professionals are busy, important people, but so are patients! Can't we have respect for each other?