31: Worst Nightmare

So the other day I only got 4 hours of sleep and not consecutive hours. My son is cutting his 2 year old molars, which seems to really hurt. He popped up at midnight and didn't get back to sleep till 4:30 AM. Since I made him get up at 7:00 AM it was a pretty rough day for him too. If I have to skip on sleep for days, my head gets cottony and it's hard to make decisions. This was different. I didn't feel tired or wooly per se, but my short term memory and ability to access simple things was shot and it's not particularly good on a normal day! I couldn't remember words like what the New York commuter rail is called or the name of a certain vegetable. I couldn't remember a small task I'd done half an hour before. I felt stripped of layers of my humanity. Making facial expressions was too much work, pretending to politely like some stranger's story was too much work, mustering sympathy was too much work. I got in a good 9 hours last night and feel much more myself. However I think I've gone from respect for my husband's ability to cope with insomnia to outright awe of his ability to operate on very little sleep.