30: Coming Out

So I had thought about putting this story arc in Seeking Shelter, but I decided it wasn’t mine to share, didn’t fit the themes and thus would be sort of exploitative. However, gender, like the dysfunctional medical industry is a theme that is going to be coming up time and again in Infinite Trouble. I’ve made my views on transgender pretty clear before and while I will say I that I have never encountered someone with body dysmorphia that doesn’t mean I am closed to the idea that it very well may exist. However, this arc is about what I typically am exposed to, someone who society has shoved in a box and left no sane recourse aside from switching genders to be accepted as the person that s/he is. I really admire my friend, the basis for Sam, who has made the transition so gracefully and really does get so much more acceptance post name change/top surgery/hormone therapy than he did before. My hope is by understanding what our society is doing to people, we can try our best to raise the next generation to love who they are and understand that there are a range of personalities and while some traits may be more prevalent among specific sexes, your genitals in no way dictate who you are or how you should be treated.