28: Sexism Alive and Well

When the Kickstarter for the Pebble first came out a good five years ago, my husband backed it and I immediately took his new smart watch. It was of way more utility to me than him as I actually get phone calls and keep my phone in a hard to reach sporran or more often leave it on the kitchen table while I tool around the yard. I didn't make use of a lot of it's functionality, reading text messages, seeing who was calling and being able to hang up on them if the timing was inconvenient was enough. Then the Apple Watch came out. My husband got one and I felt no need. Then we had a kid. Then they stopped supporting the Pebble and it got increasingly buggy. So when they revved the Apple Watch again, I got one for myself and I love it far more than I expected. The ability to tap out a quick response to texts like "Do you need me to pick up milk?" is great. The ability to be in bed, trapped under sleeping child and summon my husband is fabulous. I am amazed at how much I like having the weather there, as it keeps me from looking at the weekly forecasts that inevitably change have a dozen times and tend to just create anxiety about things that never happen. The fitness tracking aspect is fun and my most favorite part is the Apple Pay feature. Trying to fish out my wallet, especially with the new lugubrious chip system, is just too hard with squirmy toddler in hand. Being able to just hold my watch up to the register machine, have it beep and be done makes me so happy. It's a huge source of friction, just gone! I don't think everyone needs an Apple Watch, but for me and the place I am in my life, it really is a wonderful tool.