25: Obvious

So two themes that are going to keep popping up in the comic are incompetent doctors and gender conditioning. I'd like to take a moment to say that I know there are a lot of amazing doctors and health care professionals out there. I've been the patient of some of them. However there are also an unfortunate number of ones who aren't that great at their job, including the first midwife I saw during my pregnancy. She was a total airhead. 

This comic was inspired by reading about birthing practices in other countries and reading about someone in Norway commenting with amazement that when she went in for her first prenatal visit the doctor didn't feel the need to confirm if she was pregnant. He matter of factly told her if she took a home pregnancy test and it was positive that was enough for him. Her whole experience with the Norwegian system was one where she felt the doctors trusted the patients, something that hadn't been the norm for her in the United States. (As an example of that, did you know that the eyedrops they want to give babies at birth are for in case the mom is lying and actually has a venereal disease that she could have passed on to her child at birth. Same goes for the Hep B vaccine. I personally, asked both to be delayed, so that A) My newborn could look at the world for the first 24 hours with his vision unimpeded and B) so that when he had the Hep B vaccine at 3 days old, I knew enough of his personality to be able to confirm that he had no adverse effects to the vaccine). I did do the vitamin K shot at birth, because the failure state if he was one of the few infants that really need it are terrifying and fatal.