18: Exhibitionist Pregnancy

A friend invited me to one of those beauty care home trials. I said yes, because free babysitting and I so rarely pamper myself. The last time I had a facial, I think I was 14. I found the whole regime mystifying. We were all moms in the 35-45 age range and everything seemed to be emphasized on anti-aging and rejuvenation. I declined, but the other two women tried this chemical peel that left their faces looking sunburnt. I think by the end of it, we had put four or five layers of stuff on our faces. More importantly, I just don't understand wanting to look younger or staving off ages. I'm pretty sure like my mother and her mother before her that my face is going to be an increasingly intricate map of wrinkles and I already have the faintest of smile lines around my eyes, but it just doesn't bother me. I'm proud of my age, of my accomplishments, I feel beautiful, my husband and son love me, I don't need to pretend I'm younger than I am. Every line on my face I've earned through living. I don't want to erase them.