12: Scarcity

At some point in my life I got this weird skin bump on one knee. I didn't like it. I thought it was some sort of scar, a particularly ugly circular one. However, what can you do? It's there. I took it as a sign of the inevitable, of aging. Then in my mid late 20's it fell off. It turned out I had some foreign body trapped under the skin that had been working its way out for years. Ugly circular skin thing gone! The inevitable, not inevitable! Sometime before that happened, but also in my late 20's I had a dental cleaning and was told I had a lot of tartar build up. There had been no change to my diet or habits, it was just hormones. I was getting older. It was a sign of aging. I remember freaking out that I needed to get my life in order and have a baby before it was too late, my body was already starting to come apart. Well, clearly I did get my life worked out and had no trouble making babies. What's interesting is that at my last dentist appointment the other day, it turns out that I don't have bad tartar anymore. Again, no changes to diet or habits, just my hormones changed again. I'm 36 and my body improved! So take that entropy! Ha!