16: Morning Sickness

So I've been thinking a lot about the state of America, especially with a president who is so fond of telling us all that it's a dumpster fire that he's going to fix. I've decided the U.S. has 5 major problems.

1. For profit healthcare. Certainly doctors and other healthcare professionals should be well paid for their time, especially considering all the schooling, but seriously, why should anyone be profiting from other people's ailments? It's commonsense that the entire industry should be non-for-profit.

2. For profit education. Again, this is a basic service that benefits all of society and is essential to our improved well being. It should be about our young ones getting the best education possible, not lining someone's pockets.

3. Charity. Yes, I know that sounds crazy on the surface, but in the United States I feel we use it as crutch and excuse not to deal with the real problems at their roots. When someone has to set up a GoFundMe page to pay for their cancer treatment, there is something very wrong. An impoverished family shouldn't have to rely on a random act of kindness from a church to eat for the month.

4. A dysfunctional criminal justice system, which, oh, happens to be for-profit a lot of the time...if correctional facilities break people instead of helping them reintegrate in society, then essentially we are pouring money into a extensive revenge scheme rather than actually helping better society.

5. A lack of reverence for children and respect for child rearing. The idea that raising children is women's work, that it's easier than going into the office and subsequently that most people end up outsourcing the main job of childrearing to a cheaper entity who won't do as good a job bothers me greatly. Being a stay at home parent, properly socializing your child, making sure their time is filled with activities that challenge them and help them grow, helping form their base personalities should be something respected and an equally respectable choice for both a man or a woman.

I am a big fan of free enterprise, innovation and capitalism, but I think there are some very basic pillars of society that probably are better off being run by people who are doing it because they have a passion to help others rather than seeing if they can afford a third house. As I get older, it's increasingly not good enough for me to think that I am fortunate to be upper middle class, that my family is fine, when there are portions of my country that have upward mobility rates as bad as third world countries, when there are large swaths of people who were born poor, will die poor and have children who go on to perpetuate the country. I want everyone to have access to the basic tools they need to thrive.