15: Beware the Wolves

I started out with a duck ring tone that came standard on my iPhone, but other people had it too and I found hearing a phone ring that sounded like mine, but wasn't mine distracting (yes, very millennial of me. I technically had a phone for half a decade before ring tone distinction was really a thing, but there also weren't enough people carrying cells then for it to truly be distracting). Then I switched to the wolf's howl, which I really liked, but after practically giving that particular friend a heart attack, I decided I needed something more benign. Besides, it set off whatever dogs were around too...I had some sounds from Portal II, but for the last couple of years I've stuck with the opening theme to Star Vs. the Forces of Evil. I've included a link on the assumption that most of you aren't watching Disney cartoons aimed at tweens. It's very catchy and since my husband made it for me from an episode we own, it's also unique. Plus the lyrics rock, I wouldn't be surprised if I'm using this ring tone for a decade!