14: Tiny Dino Guards

My son has recently found some iPad games he can play, namely Blaze and the Monster Machine's Dino Rescue Game, Busy Shapes and Busy Shapes 2. He needs assistance, the kid is only 2, but I've been really impressed by how quickly he picks up concepts and improves. What struck me this morning playing Busy Shapes 2 with him is how good it is for adults. If you grew up before video games or if, like me, you grew up in a household where the benefits just weren't understood and the medium shunned, it is a fabulous tool. Essentially the game teaches you all about basic game mechanics and reading design. You learn about timing, puzzle solving and different gaming skills. So if you ever wanted to have proficiency at video games or wanted to stop being creamed by 7 year olds at Nintendo games, I highly recommend playing it. Also, it's fun, even for grown-ups and the design is beautiful. It's clear that the studio put countless hours of thought into sound effects, colors and aesthetics. Next time my parents visit me, I'm going to make them play it!