13: Temperature Differentials

Art teachers hated me in school, because I never did the project as they envisioned it. I was reminded of this the other day when I was at a friend's Spring Festival celebration and we had a craft to make little chickens. They were supposed to be in profile and we were given all the geometric shapes we needed to make them perfectly. I looked at my pile, did some ripping and modifying and instead of a sedate rooster looking into the distance, made an angry squaking bird facing forward. Typical Marjorie. 

When we go to the libraries, they often have crafts after story time for the toddlers. My son has had mild interest in actually doing them, which I chalked up to the fact that he's two. Then after an incident at the library where he wanted watercolors, but they were doing whipped cream pictures that resulted in a rushed trip to a big box store to buy him his own watercolor set I discovered something fascinating. Before when I'd bought him water colors they were attached to a Doc McStuffins activity book: no interest. This time I just got a set 0f 32 colors, a pile of brushes and a pad of thick paper. He happily sat and painted for more than half an hour, announcing he was now making a dragon or a humming bird and offering me a corner of paper to paint critters on too. He's like his mom. He doesn't like crafts, but it seems he loves art! I feel very proud.