133: Circumcision Choices

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They also have something called a "mogen" at hospitals, which is essentially the same method rabbis use. We opted for that since we're not religious and it was free, but I sure did my research first! The Mogen didn't make it into the comic, because, well, it just wasn't funny.

Circumcision is not common in Denmark, so I was really glad my second baby was a girl. Otherwise we were going to have to either find an imam or pay to have a rabbi flown in from England as the one moyle in Denmark had recently retired. I know Danes have mixed feelings about the huge influx of Muslims in their country, but for me, I'm glad if for no other reason than when the other boys see him naked, and Danes are much more comfortable with nudity (I think Walter has seen all his classmates both boys and girls in the buff now), he won't be the only one with a circumcision. Admittedly since by pre-schooler standards he's pretty gender fluid with half the kids thinking he's a girl and the other half thinking he's a boy, maybe they'd just brush this off as another way in which their eccentric English speaking friend was different.