120: Just in Time

If you're wondering, yes I did take my son Trick-or-Treating and no, that's not a thing here. They like to carve jack-o-lanterns and there's a lot of Halloween merch to be bought, presumably for parties or just decorations, but the house to house thing is saved for the spring and Festilavn. So I typed out notes explaining why we were doing this and taped candy to it. I asked my son's besty, who is half Danish, half Philipinno, to come along. He dressed as Superman. Me and Walt dressed as dinosaurs and the baby stayed home and napped. People got into it to varying degrees. The first house we'd hit, which I had prepped the night before, she'd actually gotten a big bucked of Halloween themed candy, invited them inside, insisted they take a whole handful and then wanted their picture. Some houses gave back the candy I'd prepped, others had their own candy. One adorable elderly woman got out her licorice tin and handed them each a couple pieces asking if she was doing this right. One man gave them each a 20 KR coin, which is like 3 bucks, and took their picture. It made Wally's friend's mom kind of uncomfortable when I had to explain the whole thing and some people pretended not to be home, but overall it was a very positive experience and I felt so grateful that people were tolerating our weird traditions and my child's needs. All in all they got about 30 pieces of Halloween themed chocolate balls, chocolate coins and lollypops, plus the equivalent of 5 USD in coins.