128: Kept Secrets

So I know I've mentioned before about my favorite political podcast: Pantsuitpolitics. Well, the ladies have started a new podcast: The Nuanced Life. At first I was a bit skeptical, I mean, I mainly listen to podcasts to be elucidated and, in general, I don't like listening to two people have a random conversation that I'm not apart of. As insane as this may sound, it makes me feel ignored. However, the hostesses are amazing at answering fan mail. Seriously, I do not know how they find the time, but every email I've ever sent, and there have been a lot, has always eventually been answered, often faster than I would have expected for two young moms who hold jobs outside of their podcasting. So, when I listen to the Nuanced Life, I feel like I am participating, because I know at any point I could always reach out and have a conversation with them. The other thing that sold me on their podcast (it wasn't hard to get me to listen to the first episode, because it came up in the Pantsuit Politics feed) was that it really makes me think. There is a lot of minutiae in my life I never even consider, so hearing a conversation about is the institution of marriage worth it and how other people experience there's makes me think about what I always take for granted. It lives in my cooking time feed along with Welcome to Nightvale and a snarky telling of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, my other light podcasts, and so far I am greatly enjoying it. It's no surprise that these two women have risen so quickly in podcast popularity, because their polar opposite personalities paired with their similar fundamental values makes their conversations a treat to listen to.