125 & 126:

My mom has three siblings, she's the youngest, with a sister four years her senior and two brothers, the eldest being a full decade older than her. As a kid I don't remember seeing them much. The uncles sent birthday presents until I was a teenager, but the existence of my aunt was mainly seen through the lens of her two daughters who spent a lot of time with my family or stories about her galavanting off to some crazy place doing some wild thing. An interesting thing has happened in the past three years though, since I had my first child and started a photo blog for the extended family, she's suddenly become a pretty constant presence in my life, remembering my son's birthday and the holidays more than his own aunts, sending me gifts, sending me random e-mails...it's neat and I'm finally getting to know her. So when she asked me if I could put in a word for her and the autobiography she's written on the comic, I decided to say yes. This is the link. It's a collection of shorts stories about all the exciting stuff she's done, essentially a book that answers all my questions about what she was off doing all those years. Oh and she also started a blog that you can check out here.