124: What's in a Name

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Sorry this is out of order. When I do the print book I'm going to have to seriously fix the order of strips, but my memories have not been quite as linear as I'd like.

I still read American news, so I can be an informed voter and I've been following the "Me Too" thing in the US and all the sexual harassment. On the one hand, I'm horrified at how widespread it is and how such powerful people have abused others in such a disgusting way. On the other hand, I realize, I have no "Me Too" story. I've been in toxic work places certainly, but never once have I been sexually harassed. Aside from a very brief time in China, due mainly to everyone thinking Americans are sluts because they watched Friends, I've never received aggressive unwanted advances. Sure I've been hit on by plenty of strangers, but as soon I tell them I already have a sweet heart (a piece of advice I was given in China), I've never had a guy do anymore than say if I become available to consider him.