122: The Reality

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So, one of the things my husband and I decided was instead of amassing heirlooms, to use them. My son sleeps under this wonderful quilt that was made by a friend of the family and gift to my parents when I was tiny. It's the perfect size for a pre-schooler, soft, warm and the intricate design can be looked at for hours. I don't know if it will last long enough for him to pass it on to his children, but my son is loving it in a way that we never could if it was just a decorative spread on the guest bed or kept in a closet. My parents gave me their wedding china when they down sized. It's a gorgeous set of Mikasa porcelain with real gold leaf on the edges, an imposing, regal design of black and gold with enough dishes to hold a 7 course meal. I should know, we only used them for Passover growing up. We've been using our own wedding china since we married and decided to take this gorgeous 50 year old set and use it too. Some of the dishes might break, the design might fade over time, but every day I use it, I feel connected to my family and decades of good memories. We don't need to be sitting on a mountain of precious stuff that never gets used, but better to make it a part of our lives.