109: Gendered Clothes

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So the weird thing about me deciding that since my son's unorthodox clothing choices is how it's shaped my own thinking. I was packing away some of his outgrown dresses for his little sister and I came across his gray dress with the pleats, pocket and general Polo styling. My first reaction was "I can't save this for Beatrix, this is a boy's dress!". This is probably the strangest thought I've had since my son was running around flashing his diaper to the world in his jumpers and my mind supplied "It's OK for him to show his underpinnings, he's a boy." At any rate, in the end I did save the dress for my daughter and I've been putting her in even the most uber masculine of my son's old clothes, because I want her to know she can wear anything and to make unbiased choices about her dress when she's old enough to voice opinions, you know, like a year and a half.