116: Water Break

This week my son had his first big kid playdate. He invited his best friend over to the house. I texted his mom and got permission to take him home with us. She called the school and gave them permission to let him come home with us. The other boy was a bit confused by the goings on, but pretty happily climbed in the cargo bike with his besty. I was then confused by having another child call me "Mommy". Walt's friend doesn't speak English per se, but he's got a great ear for it and picks up what we say quickly, which is why he's the only kid who calls my son "Wally" instead of Wolta. The boys watched Ninjago together on Netflix, played with Duplos and Play Dough and ran around like goofballs. A good time was had by all. I really like getting to talk to other parents, but getting to focus my whole attention not just on my children, but their friends is a different kind of satisfying.