115: It's Time

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It's hard to believe I'm writing about his birth and my little baby just turned three recently. They made a big deal out of it at school. He got to raise the Danish flag in the yard. I brought cake : chocolate with almond butter cream frosting. I didn't have time to do it on the weekend, so I brought it at lunch time.  I found my boy sitting with special china at his seat and big tapers lit in a wooden cake painted like the Danish flag. Just to reiterate, three year old sitting with out three year olds and three open flames at their table. This was followed by them having him stand on a chair while all the teachers and 27 other kids sang the Danish happy birthday song, which has like four verses and a lot of "hurrahs" in it. He didn't like being the center of attention. He then helped pass out the cake. None of the kids had ever encountered buttercream before (usually cakes are topped with marzipan or maybe whipped cream) and they hadn't been given utensils. There was a lot of surprise and confusion, followed by delight as they ate the strange sticky frosting. It really touched me to see my son feted so well. This weekend we're having a party for him at the house.