111: The Belleviews

I know we all think our kids are the prettiest, but seriously, this child must be in the top 1% of most adorable small children in the world. She has a peaches and cream complexion, big brown eyes and masses of perfect chestnut sausage curls. While I did not really mistake her for a doll, her mom told me that, yes, when she was pushing her about in the stroller, people would actually think she was a porcelain doll, because she looked so perfect and was so quiet. And if it wasn't enough that she is beautiful to an unearthly degree, the kid also has been able to read since before her second birthday and I'm not talking "dog" "cat" "Mom", I mean "Eggs: Fragile handle with care" reading ability. While I know this doesn't necessarily mean she'll grow up to be the president or the scientist who gets us to Mars, I still want to give major kudos to this kid and the excellent job her parents have been doing raising her. Wow.