4: A Place to Stay

Hey, so if you follow this by the mailing list, I'm real sorry it didn't pull until comic 4. I had trouble with the RSS feed in Mailchimp. It's all set now. You can go to the site and read the three previous comics. Shouldn't happen again.

So what didn't make it into the comic, was this was a whirlwind trip. I spent all of 24 hours on the South Shore of Boston with my mission to secure housing before my husband started his new job in January. If you wonder why he was job hunting and not I, despite the obvious I was the one who was going to get pregnant thing, he's an iOS developer his rate of pay is waaaay higher than someone who works in supply chain and logistics. It makes more sense for him to put in the hours in the office and me put in the hours at home. Anyway, yeah, finally found a place. I wish I could find the very stiff and formal letters my dad wrote on the cats' behalf. It was totally like a business recommendation, but about cats.