2: Road Blocks

Book 001 - 2 Road Blocks.png

I managed to annoy some librarians today. I'm good at that. I asked them about their library policy that children should not talk to strangers. I asked how they were supposed to make friends if they weren't allowed to talk to strangers. They said stiffly that one should use common sense and this was to open a conversation with your child. I find this baffling. So am I supposed to teach my child racist, classist or sexist profiling? What makes a stranger suspicious? Even if he told someone where we lived and details of our lives, I don't think someone would come rob us, in fact, they'd probably then think we'd make poor targets. Don't follow strangers. Don't take things from strangers. But, please, talk to strangers, make friends, learn about all different walks of life. I find it baffling to say otherwise.