Happy 76: Lucky Nella

Nella was a stray in Honduras. This is not a good place to be a cat with out human companionship. She was in a part of the country where they actually trap and then kill stray cats. However, she was luckier than most and very smart. She cozied up to an American soldier stationed there. It was against policy for him to take in a pet and even feeding her daily wasn't looked on kindly, but that didn't stop him. When his tour of duty was coming to a close. He brought her to a vet, got her shots, papers and flew back to the states with her in a carrier on his lap. Now she lives with his parents in the lap of luxury. She has as much food as she wants, probably even more cuddles (but she doesn't hesitate with claws retracted to let people know when she's done with the petting!) and as happy, relaxing a life as anyone could want.