Happy Tails on Hiatus

Thanks so much for following Happy Tails. As you've probably noticed it hasn't updated in quite a few weeks. That's because I've run through all of my own major animal rescue stories that don't fit into the main comic and I just haven't gotten any submissions. Right now my life is too busy to go out searching for stories, so I'm putting Happy Tails on hold until further notice. I have a kitty epilogue I need to run in a few weeks and if I get new stories, I will absolutely post them, but for the most part, this part of the site is now dormant.

In happier news, I am replacing it with random Sunday content. This is the first entry. For the next few months I will be running the Cat = Woman series. A collection of images exploring the way that many words in English that refer to cats are used to connote women. It's edgier than the main content, which I try and keep PG, but this shouldn't run much beyond a hard PG-13. It's a chance to for me to really stretch my wings as an artist and play around with concepts. Thank you all for following Happy Tails and I hope you enjoy the new Sunday installments!