Happy 68: Snappy Love

He was found at the side of the road, so desiccated and unwell that Eric thought he was dead. However something told him that the little turtle might still be in this world and on further inspection he was proved right. So he scooped him up, took him home and plopped him in his daughter's fish tank. The water revived him and over the next few months the snapper made a slow recovery. They fed him generic turtle food from the store, but after a while it was clear to Eric that he still wasn't as healthy as he should be, so he went out and caught tadpoles and newts and other little critters to feed to his new friend. Now the snapping turtle was happy and soon showed signs of having robust health. 

Over the years, people have advised Eric that he should let the turtle go, but the fellow seems so happy living with them. In fact, he's become so accustomed to people that he swims up to anyone who gets near the increasingly larger tanks. Eric feared if he let his snapper go he'd simply get harassed by less than respectful people or eaten by a predator.

He's since gotten large enough to need an actual pond in the back yard, and to this day is happily swimming about there, content to be near his humans.

Author: Marjorie Skiba (based on story told by the owner of Colonial Tree)

Image: http://www.rickijay.com/free-wildlife-pictures.html

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